Learning and Support for Students

  • Due to the constraints and directives imposed by the Ministry of Education, our approach to teaching and learning cannot be what is normally experienced by students at ISL. School will look and feel different from usual. At least for the first few days, this may generate some disorientation for students. Our counselling team is on call to help and can be contacted in the usual way. Our teachers are also sensitive to the impact the altered environment and practices may have on students and are there to help.

  • This is an emergency learning situation. Our goal is to provide students with some familiarity of school routines for social and academic learning in a school environment. In order to support students at home as well as those at school, virtual or online learning will remain the norm. Students will spend much of their time with their Advisory or Homeroom groups to minimise interactions with a wide range of other students.

  • Please note that because many teachers are unable to come to school, because many students usually follow individualised timetables, and because of the complexities inherent in splitting the student body, students may not have their usual teacher in class. The need to maintain social distancing prohibits many opportunities for group work - other than online collaborations. Lessons will be designed to provide practice for consolidating skills as well as implementing new learning, according to the curriculum.

  • It is also important to note that in addition to supervising their classes, teachers will also be working with students who are at home. This means that interactions between teachers and students will be more limited than usual.