Library - Material Collection

The Upper School will re-open on the 11th of May, and we encourage everyone in the US community to return their overdue library materials and 12th Grade textbooks at this time.

Daily Material Collection

Students will return textbooks and library materials during the morning check-in process. Parents, please send any overdue materials with your students as parents are not currently allowed on school grounds without permission. If families have students in both sections of the school, you may also return Lower School library books at this time. Students can also drop books in the box located just outside the library main entrance.

A security guard will direct the collection of materials during morning drop-off (from 8:00-8:30 am) and can provide further guidance. There will also be signage with instructions. Please do not leave books beside the container at times other than those listed, as this will risk damage or loss of materials.

Materials (both paper and plastic) will be safe to handle if left untouched for 3-4 days (Ewen 2020). Therefore, books returned on the 11th of May will only be checked in on the 15th. Priority will be given to textbooks and library materials from seniors and families leaving ISL at the end of this school year. We ask for everyone’s patience as we try to navigate this process.


Availability of materials will affect the length of wait time. Titles already available will have a much faster delivery time. Materials that have been returned will be ready for delivery once they have completed their quarantine period and have been processed. Checkouts will be processed in order of receipt of order, packaged, labelled, and delivered to Homerooms for pickup.

How to Check Out a Book Virtually:

  • Log in to Destiny (found in Schoology or Library website) using your school email address (via Google).

  • Search for books by typing the author, title or keyword in the search bar.

  • Use the “Hold It” to create your order. Alternatively, you can send a list of requests by email to library staff. Please be sure to include title and call #.

Want to Find Out What Is On Your Account?

Students (and parents) can check their library accounts online through the Destiny catalogue. Instructions can also be found in this screencast: How to Use Destiny Discover.

Don’t forget to look at our online ebooks and audiobooks as well!

If you need help with logging in or have any further questions please contact:

Best Wishes,

Your US Library Team