Distance Learning Plan

Frankfurt International School

Introduction to the FIS Distance Learning Plan

At FIS, we are working to ensure that in the event of a school closure, we are as prepared as possible to deliver a quality learning experience for your child. While we have no indication that a school closure is imminent, we want to share this with you so that you are informed about what our Distance Learning Plan (DLP) would look like should this occur.

This document is designed to describe the actions and approach FIS will take in the event of an extended campus closure. Understanding that each emergency situation is different, we endeavor in this Distance Learning Plan provide a flexible distance learning framework with guidelines that can be implemented in a variety of circumstances. We would like to acknowledge our international school colleagues already working in fully online environments for helping us develop these resources.

If the FIS campuses are closed and this DLP is implemented, the Head of School will send email communications to both parents and faculty/staff making this announcement and delineating a timeline for implementation. An exact date will be designated when distance learning will begin for FIS students. The two school days preceding this designated date will be classified as work days for FIS faculty and staff, who will be expected to be on duty, either physically on campus or remotely, depending on circumstances and safety conditions. Students will not attend school or be required to begin distance learning until the date designated by the Head of School. During the two preceding workdays, division principals will prepare to share more specific information and guidelines with parents, while teachers will arrange to relaunch their classes on various online learning systems, like Seesaw.

This continuation of the learning plan will not look exactly like a traditional school day here at FIS. However, it will provide students with age appropriate home learning options and specific assignments that are directly related to the curriculum. Please know that all of our teachers are striving to provide your child with the best possible education in these unusual circumstances.

The Head of School will periodically send email updates to parents and faculty/staff apprising them of any pertinent information about when FIS might reopen for regular classes. As with the decision to close campus, the decision to reopen school for regular classes will be made with close consultation with the school’s Board Chair.

FIS hopes that implementation of this DLP will never be necessary. However, in the event of a serious crisis or emergency, it is important that this DLP describes FIS’ approach to distance learning; the channels we will use for communication; the Learning Management Systems (LMS) we will employ by division; the roles, responsibilities, and expectations FIS has for faculty, parents, and students; guidelines for how parents/guardians can support their children’s learning; and a host of other priorities and considerations tailored to make the best of challenging circumstances.