Possible Scenario

  • On Sunday evening, FIS Head of School notifies the community that school will be closed on Monday.

  • The Head of School designates the date to begin distance learning for students as a Wednesday.

  • Faculty and staff are therefore required to be on duty the preceding Monday and Tuesday, either physically on campus or remotely, as circumstances and safety conditions permit.

  • Parents and faculty/staff will be notified of this timeline as early as possible. In this scenario, parents and students should expect more detailed instructions from divisional principals and their children’s teachers on Tuesday, not before. These instructions will be delivered by email and will explain generally what students can expect the following day (Wednesday).

The Head of School will periodically send email updates to parents and faculty/staff appraising them of any pertinent information about when FIS might reopen for regular classes. As with the decision to close campus, the decision to reopen school for regular classes will be made with close consultation with the school’s Board of Trustees.