FISW Grades 2-5 Student
Roles and Responsibilities

  • After receiving initial notice from the Head of School about school closure and timelines, families will receive an email from the FISW Principal with division-specific information.

  • The primary tools for communication between teachers and families will be PowerSchool Learning to parents, and Seesaw for students for specific engagements. weekly learning grids will be posted on Power Learning

  • Students will have both off- and on-screen learning activities designed to engage grades 2-5 learners in experiences that connect to curriculum.

  • Learning tasks and activities will provide direction to families on how best to support student learning and the expected level of adult involvement. It is expected that students in Grades K-2 will need higher levels of support than students in Grades 3-5. However, all learning engagements will be designed to be completed independently by students when possible.

  • Homeroom teachers will be offering a live Zoom session each day at a standard time to answer any questions about the day's posted video lesson and posted learning activities.

  • A full schedule of the week that includes which days of the week that specialist teachers will be posting, the times that homeroom teachers will be hosting live sessions and times for optional sessions will be sent out if we activate distance learning.

  • Aside from the scheduled live sessions, all teachers will be available via Zoom from 9 am - 12 pm and - 1 pm - 3:05 pm.

  • Grades 2-5 Teachers will provide the class QR code to parents (Click for instructions)

  • Please note that we encourage you to download Zoom for Client Meetings or Zoom Mobile Apps (Click here for instructions) and this version of Seesaw (Click here for instructions) now. While we have not yet activated distance learning, having this set up on your home devices and ready to go will make the transition easier should it be needed.

  • Approximate Time Frames for Learning