Grade 6-8 Guidelines

  • After receiving initial notice from the Head of School about school closure and timelines, families will receive an email from the grade 6-8 Principal with division-specific information

  • The primary tools for communication between teachers and families will be GMail and PowerSchool

  • Teachers will either link materials linked in PowerSchool class pages or share materials directly to each student’s Google Classroom

  • Distance learning for our early adolescent learners will focus on having a balanced, holistic learning experience. Students will have both off- and on-screen learning activities designed to engage the middle school learner

  • Learning experiences are designed to be completed independently or in collaboration with other students. Tutoring is not recommended, nor should a parent/guardian be too involved

  • Resources vary by class and lesson, but will include links to videos, graphic organizers or cloze passages to complete, scanned material to read and engage with, independent research material

  • Students are encouraged to be proactive in reaching out to teachers when they have questions or assignments are unclear

  • Counselors and advisors are always available to support students with academic, social, or emotional needs.

  • Middle School: Approximate Time Frames for Learning & Resources